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What kind of license is required to rent a motorcycle?

The Customer needs to have a full motorcycle license for at least 5 years. That would be:

– A European Class A, unrestricted displacement and power

– For non-EU citizens, an IDP (International Driving Permit)

What is an IDP?

The IDP is a formal document that is used while travelling internationally. It contains the details of your driving license, translated in English in a standardized format. This format is recognized and approved by authorities in different countries, including Greece.

Are children able to ride as passengers?

Passenger from 18 years old and physically fit to ride in the back seat (feet must reach the backseat foot pegs), flat footed. If a passenger is under 18 years old, parent or guardian will have to sign consent.

Are Customers welcome as walk-ins?

L.R. is open for walk-ins during business hours.

Can an additional rider be added to a rental?

One additional driver is permitted at no extra charge for rentals. Requirements for the additional driver are the same as for main driver.

What motorcycle gear do you need to bring?

– Helmets: L.R. offers helmets for rental but we recommend that Customer bring his own helmet for comfort and hygiene. In any case, L.R. offers new Indian motorcycle helmets at a special price for purchase.

– Clothing: Customer has to bring his own protective clothing (riding jacket and pants, sturdy boots), rain gear and protective eye wear as well.

Can the Customer take the rental across international borders? Are there any kind of restrictions?

The Customer is not allowed to take motorcycle across any country border line. The rental can only be used on mainland Greece including Peloponnisos and Evia.