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 The force that drove me to start up “Legendary Rides” was my passion for American motorcycles together with my deep admiration for the beauty of this tiny little corner of a country called Greece.


Though small in size, Greece as a destination has probably the largest concentration per square mile of landmarks, historical sites and breathtaking landscapes on this planet.


Having traveled around, riding exclusively American Touring motorcycles, all over Europe, some parts of Asia, Africa and the United States of America, I have come to realize how much Greece, has to offer. The conclusion is undoubtedly a unique experience to a motorcyclist traveler.


The keyword is “distance”. Due to the actual size of mainland Greece, everything is very close. The distances become irrelevant, making your tour easy to ride, full of continuous interchanging wonderful natural sceneries.


Add to that the beautiful weather conditions, warm hospitality and the huge historical and cultural heritage, and you end up with a one of a kind riding journey.


But what finally pushed my “just do it” button and go ahead with this project was my newly acquainted riding experience with an Indian Motorcycle.


I have been riding big touring American motorcycles all my life. I have truly enjoyed their unique sensation, aside their particular road handling performances, which came along with them…


Then the rebirth of Indian Motorcycle, the legendary first American made motorcycle, came along after a 60-year old absence. It really took the motorcycle world by surprise.


Retaining the entire classic Indian motorcycle heritage and looks, they managed, by blending a cutting edge mechanical technology, to create a most impressive road handling quality never felt before on a Classic American made production touring motorcycle. Riding turned into gliding.


So here we are, proud to be the first Officially Certified organizers of Premium Indian Motorcycle Tours and Rentals in Europe.


You can now join us through our Premium Tours and Rentals of a Grand touring American motorcycle, never been offered before in Greece, this wonderful corner of the world and verify for yourself all my bragging about Greece and Indian motorcycles!


You will have the opportunity to ride on brand new 2018 Indian Chieftains.
Feel for yourself the joy of gliding on a great American touring motorcycle, on highways and nice twisting countryside roads, all with breathtaking views!


Whatever motorcycle you maybe riding or favor, what a better and most pleasant way to find out for yourself why so much hype is going on about the Legendary Indian Motorcycle comeback!


And where better than in Legendary Greece!

Pavlos Emmanuel
Founder of Legendary Rides