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Does L.R. offer passenger pillion backrest, saddle bags and luggage rack?

L.R. offers exclusively Indian Chieftain motorcycles. All of them are equipped with lockable hard saddle-bags, riding command with GPS, passenger pillion backrest together with luggage rack.

Can L.R. install my GPS or electronic device?

There is no need for GPS unit since all motorcycles are equipped with the factory mounted riding command with GPS. For any additional electronic equipment, you will need to bring one-inch handle bar mounts. The device will use the USB port available on dashboard.

What happens if you get a flat tire?

In the event of flat tire please ensure your motorcycle for your own safety is parked on the side of the road. Step back away from traffic and wait for road assistance. L.R. provides 24-hour road assistance telephone number, that will take you to the nearest available tire repair shop.

What is L.R. fuel policy for Rentals?

The motorcycle will be delivered to the Customer by L.R. with a full tank. Before returning the motorcycle, the Customer is obliged to fill up the fuel tank. If motorcycle needs refueling, then a EUR35 charge will be added.

How are the mechanical breakdowns handled?

L.R. provides with 24-hours road assistance that will tow the motorcycle if necessary back to L.R. service and repair station in Athens.