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What is an insurance deductible?

Insurance deductible is the maximum liability for the Customer in case of damages to the motorcycle or theft of the motorcycle. For example, if the motorcycle has insurance deductible of EUR3,000 this means that if the Customer causes damages to the rental more than EUR3,000 cost estimate or there is partial or total theft, the Customer will only pay up to maximum EUR3,000. Anything above EUR3,000 is covered by the insurance. For any damages caused at a cost estimate below EUR3,000 then the Customer will pay the full amount of damages that will be charged from the Security Deposit.

What is the relation between the insurance deductible and security/damage deposit with the credit card authorization?

Depending on the insurance deductible program that L.R. offers on rentals or guided tours (COVER or COVER+), the damage security deposit can be reduced according to each program. Check relevant Terms and Conditions for more details: Rentals terms, Guided tours terms, Custom tours terms

What is the Customer insured for by default when signing up the Rental Agreement/Contract?

Check the Insurance section of Terms and Conditions for details.

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