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Going for the lucky third? The 2022 European Indian Riders Fest Tour from Athens to Budweis and back is going to be a unique and unforgettable experience as it was planned two years ago but unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it was twice was postponed. So, in total we are going to enjoy 11 Days of riding, sightseeing and resting across Eastern Europe! We will start from Athens and ride to Thessaloniki. The next morning we will continue to reach and sleep over in Belgrade. Next stop will be beautiful Vienna in Austria where we will spend two days. From there we will continue and cross through the Czeck Republic to reach the fairy tale village of Cesky Krumlov,
just 20 km from Budweis, the IRF event site. The next three days we will stay in Budweis and enjoy ourselves together with our European Indian Riders friends. Monday morning we will start our decent towards Venice, where we will spend a full extra day to visit this one of kind wonderful Canal City. Wednesday we get aboard the ferry to land the next day in Igoumenitsa, mainland Greece. On our last riding day we will cross through the brand new scenic coastal highway of western Greece to reach Athens



The prices include the Indian Chieftain motorcycle rental for 11 days, accommodation in 4 star hotels (where available) with breakfast and your tour leader.(Not included are accommodations upon your arrival day in Athens and departure eve from Athens.) WHAT IS not INCLUDED: everything not mentioned above. Transport from and to the airport is not included but can be arranged upon request.

The Minimum/Maximum number of participants for this One Off Mega Tour is limited to just 8 riders with our Indian Chieftain Motorcycles – single, or with pillion companion. No more and no less. Therefore, for the tour to be realized all 8 Indian Chieftains Motorcycles must be reserved and paid for. Please visit our new page LUGGAGE. After a lot of research, we have concluded that this is the ideal quality riding bag for the sissy bar/luggage rack of the Chieftain. Lots of space, yet compact, fast and easy to mount and dismount in two steps.



All prices are Per Person (p.p)

*Call us 24/7 on mobile +306936710185 and also use WatsApp or Viber



13 Days in total
6 Days riding


3,100 km / 1930 miles – Total riding
510 km / 318 miles – Average distance per riding day

Average Riding Time

7:30 hours per riding day


From sea level to 500 meters elevation

Intermediate to experienced rider

– The entire route is on paved tarmac roads

– Most of them are highways and easy touring roads

– Narrow twisty single lane country roads will also be part of our ride

– You must feel comfortable handling a large Touring motorcycle

Some days we will be riding a few hundred kilometers a day. We will try to set our daily rides at a pleasant pace as much as possible. The stated riding times do not include breaks, time spent for lunch and refueling stops. A riding day usually will start around 9 in the morning, if necessary a little earlier.



We have planned our schedule to get the most out of the 11days tour in Eastern Europe. Most, of course, does not refer to the amount of riding kilometers or miles per day but to experiencing the most in a day and always at a relaxed and pleasant pace as possible due to distances.


Arrival day SUNDAY JUNE 5


1st Day Ride MONDAY JUNE 6

Athens to Thessaloniki
Distance 500 km/ 310 miles
Riding time 6:30 Hours
We pick up our Chieftains from Legendary Rides offices and we start our ride to Thessaloniki the second largest city in Greece. We will cross vertically nearly all of Greece through the newly renovated and shortened highway. We will lunch on our way depending carrying distance.


2nd Day Ride TUESDAY JUNE 7

Thessaloniki to Belgrade
Distance 630 km/ 392 miles
Riding time 8:00 Hours
Starting early morning from Thessaloniki we will ride through North Macedonia to cross into Serbia and reach Belgrade in the late afternoon.
We will actually again cross vertically both North Macedonia and Serbia. We will lunch on our way according to our carrying distance and our refueling breaks.



Belgrade to Vienna
Distance 615 km/ 382 miles
Riding time 8:00 Hours
Fresh morning start and off we ride to Austria through Hungary passing by Budapest to reach lovely Vienna and our first free riding day destination.
We will follow the same routine and lunch on our way according to our carrying distance and our refueling brakes


4th Day-Free and Relax THURSDAY JUNE 9

After three long days of riding we get a well-deserved break. The whole day is ours to relax and visit beautiful Vienna at each ones own pace and preference. 


5th Day Ride FRIDAY JUNE 10

Vienna to Ceski Grumlov
Distance 205 km/ 128 miles
Riding time 3:00 Hours
This time we have a relaxed start since we have a very short ride compare to our previous days. We will continue our ride through Austria to cross to the Czech Republic and reach the magnificent fairy tale village of Ceski Grumlov then just 24km (15 miles) away we will arrive in Budweis, the event town where we will spend the evening and the next two full days and evenings enjoying the event.


6th Day-Free and Relax SATURDAY JUNE 11

We can ride back to Ceski Grumlov, 24 km (15 miles) from Budweis (Ceske Budejovice) the event town and stroll around this magnificent village or stay in town and enjoy with our fellow European Indian Motorcycle riders all the festivities, ride around the countryside and plainly have a great time, day and night!


7th Day-Free and Relax SUNDAY JUNE 12

Same and more of day 6 !!!


8th Day Ride MONDAY JUNE 13

Budweis to Venice-Mestre
Distance 658 km/ 410 miles
Riding time 8:30 Hours
Early morning start to catch the day and ride through Austria into Italy to reach Mestre and Magical Venice. Hopefully we will be able to make a quick stop for a lunch break in Salzburg or somewhere along our way, like futher south, Villach. All depending of course on our carrying distance and our relative refueling stops.


9th Day-Free and Relax TUESDAY JUNE 14

Yes! Right after a beautiful and very long riding day we get to spend a whole day in wonderful magical Venice. One can never get enough of Venice the one of a kind historical city of the world!


10th Ferry Ride to Relax WEDNESDAY JUNE 15

Venice to Igoumenitsa
Distance 925 km/ 500 Nautical miles
Ferry ride approximately26:00 Hours
We board the ferry noon and we sleep onboard to wake up the next day relaxed and energized to debark around 14:00. We will have plenty of time on board to spend dinning and recounting our great rides and experience throughout our tour in Eastern Europe.


11th Day Ride THURSDAY JUNE 16

Igoumenitsa port to Athens
Distance 475 km/ 295 miles
Riding time 6:00 Hours
After our disembarkation we will ride back to Athens through the scenic brand new Eastern Greece and North Peloponissos highway to reach Legendary Rides.
After delivering the motorcycles we will head for your hotel.

Departure Day (Athens)


Estimated durations or time of riding or evaluations of touring grading (touring or challenging roads) are made on the basis of personal experience of our crew. These will not be considered as hard documented data that apply to all riders. Each rider has different levels of experience, skills, physical and mental endurances. For this reasons each individual rider can experience an actual route or the whole tour in a different way. You are kindly requested to evaluate all information given above to your own perception. Legendary Rides or its crew cannot be held liable if the given information do not match the rider’s personal experiences or perceptions during the tour.

The isle of Morea Tour Map