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Elladikon is our Tour of the Hellenic region (Thema) bounded from the Istmus of the Corinth canal, up to the central northern Greece as it was named in the Byzantine Empire era. From the majestic island of Corfu, (Kerkyra) dipped in Mythology through the mountains of Epirus and the Zagoria villages, to the Valley of Meteora and its breathtaking rock perching monasteries, across to beautiful mount Pilion. From the west to the east coast of mainland Greece, this is a most relaxing ride as we intentionally aspire to engage all five of your senses.



The prices include the Indian Chieftain motorcycle rental for 6 days, accommodation in 4 star hotels (where available) with breakfast, your tour leader and guide, our escort van for baggage, dinners and lunches, gas and tolls, all entry fees for sites, road-book, map and more.



All prices are Per Person (p.p)

If the above date is not well suited for you and your friends please call us or make a Book request

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8 Days in total
6 Days riding


1,500 km / 930 miles – Total riding
165 km / 100 miles – Average per day riding
(Besides first and last day of riding on new highways.)

Average Riding Time

4:00 hours (except first and last day)


From sea level to 1,000 meters elevation

Intermediate to experienced rider

– The entire route is on paved tarmac roads

– Most of them are easy touring roads

– Narrow twisty single lane country roads will be part of our daily ride

– Sometimes challenging curvy roads will also be encountered

– You must feel comfortable handling a large Touring motorcycle

Some of our participants enjoy riding as many kilometers as possible in a day, whereas others prefer to arrive early at the hotel to relax and enjoy the amenities before dinner. We choose to organize our daily rides at a pleasant pace. The stated riding times do not include breaks, photo stops, site visits and time spent for lunch. A riding day usually starts around 9 am, if necessary a little earlier or sometimes even later.



We have planned our schedule to get the most out of the six days tour in mainland Greece. Most, of course, does not refer to the amount of riding kilometers or miles per day but to experiencing the most in a day and always at a relaxed and pleasant pace.

ATHENS (Arrival day and Welcome dinner)


1st Day Ride

Athens to Corfu
Distance 498 km/ 309 miles
Riding time 7:00 Hours
Yes indeed this our longest day of riding in any of are tours but don’t be alarmed. It is our first day and we are all loaded with energy! It is a very easy going ride since most of the time we will be riding on the newly constructed scenic coastal highway. We will cross the impressive Corinth Isthmus canal to continue on the northern coastal highway of Peloponissos. We will cross back to mainland Greece through the majestic suspended bridge of Rio – Antirio, the world’s longest multi-span cable-stayed bridge also featured in the Mega-Structures documentary of National Geographic. From there will ride for our lunch in the middle of the Amvrakikos Gulf.and then through the western coastal road of Greece we will reach Igoumenitsa and board the Ferry for the beautiful isle of Corfu (Kerkyra).

Corfu, Old town

2nd Day Ride

Island tour and visit
Distance ±60 km / ±37 miles
Riding time 1:30 Hours
After our long first day riding everybody deserves a break with swimming and sunbathing at the hotel. For those who are keen to explore the island we will ride to the northern mountain hills of Corfu. In the afternoon we will all stroll in the lovely old town of Corfu. Relax is the keyword of the day!

Sightseeing Swimming and beaching Old Town


3rd Day Ride

Corfu to Lake Kastoria
Distance 270 km / 168 miles
Riding time 5:00 Hours
Fresh morning start and we board the Ferry to cross back to mainland Greece where a ride awaits us to reach the beautiful mountains and villages of Zagoria. We will have lunch in Papingo with its breathtaking views and then continue our ride for lake Kastoria A day spent in the, unknown to most, wild nature of Northern Greece.

Zagoria villages Papingo


4th Day Ride

Kastoria to Kalambaka
Distance A133km / 83 miles
Riding time 3:00 Hours
Distance B242km / 150 miles
Riding time 4:30 Hours
Today we will ride to Meteora, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1988. The original meaning of the word meteoros (μετέωρος) means in a limbo. The Monasteries are perched in a limbo on these awe-inspiring rocks, millions of years old. This is a unique site and experience and words cannot really describe what you will see or feel. Leaving Kastoria for Meteora, weather permitting, we might have a couple of route choices to reach our destination, all on scenic roads . We will spend the evening in the shadows of these colossal rocks and their centuries old monasteries.

Pilion – Portaria

5th Day Ride

Kalambaka to Pilion
Distance 155 km / 97 miles
Riding time 3:30 Hours
After our visit of the Meteora we will head for the east coast to reach mount Pilion and its stone built old picturesque village of Portaria. A beautiful scenic peripheral ride of mount Pillion awaits us. In the evening we will dine in the old square of Portaria.


6th Day Ride

Portaria to Athens
Distance 351km / 218 miles
Riding time 6:00 Hours
Our last day riding and we hit the road back to Athens through the newly upgraded highway of the eastern coast of Greece On our way we will stop by the small remote fishing village of Mitzela for light lunch and maybe a swim before we reach Athens and get ready for our farewell dinner.

Departure Day (Athens)

Estimated durations or time of riding or evaluations of touring grading (touring or challenging roads) are made on the basis of personal experience of our crew. These will not be considered as hard documented data that apply to all riders. Each rider has different levels of experience, skills, physical and mental endurances. For this reasons each individual rider can experience an actual route or the whole tour in a different way. You are kindly requested to evaluate all information given above to your own perception. Legendary Rides or its crew cannot be held liable if the given information do not match the rider’s personal experiences or perceptions during the tour.

The isle of Morea Tour Map